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Synagogue twinning program bridges the Diaspora-Israel divide


With the coronavirus halting travel to Israel, Barkai and the RCA created a series of even...

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Listen to New Jersey Radio Interviewing Rabbi David Fine

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Rabbi David Fine describes the Barkai Organization to New Jersey Radio.

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HaRav Nahum Rabinovitch, ZT"L


 Barkai, along with the entire House of Israel, deeply mourns the passing of HaRav Nahum R...

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Times of Israel: Amid coronavirus shutdowns, Israelis seek meaning through volunteer work


Increasing number of people are looking for ways to help friends and neighbors.  In Modiin, the...

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i24 News: Rabbis Offer Helping Hand to Israel's Anglo Community

i24 News: Rabbis Offer Helping Hand to Israel's Anglo Community

In this interview on Live i24News, Rabbi David Fine describes the work Barkai is doing to help peopl...

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The Jewish Press: Barkai Rabbinic Group Creates Volunteer Food Distribution for Home-Bound Israelis


Barkai has created a unique volunteer food and essential items distribution system for elderly and o...

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The Times of Israel: State distributes meals to 75,000 housebound elderly in expanding program


Barkai helps to distribute meals to 75,000 housebound elderly during coronavirus quar...

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Shevi'i News: All Israel Are Twins


A new Barkai Center project led to the connection between 12 communities in Israel, the US and Canad...

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Israel National News: What is the Rabbi's role when dealing with abuse?


“A Rabbi is a community leader, who has to answer questions on all type of issues and in many differ...

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Haaretz: How to Talk About Sexual Assault, Domestic Abuse


More than 1,000 ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox Jews from around the world gathered in Jerusalem this we...

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Arutz 7 : Barkai Award for Outstanding Religious Figures in Israel


Awards were handed to several recipients for contributions to religious life in Israel. Read Full Ar...

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Arutz Sheva: interview of Rav Yisrael Meir Lau


Article by Yedidia Meir on Arutz Sheva: Public Speaking 101

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Galei Tzahal Interview


Interview with Kibbutz Saad on Galei Tzahal on winning the Barkai Prize for community excellenc...

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Israeli Rabbis Seek To Learn From American Model of Jewish Community


Read about how the Barkai Institute is doing groundbreaking work in Israel. According to the article...

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Teaching Practicality


"The Barkai organization’s new program trains a select group of rabbis in issues they face on a dail...

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Teaching practical wisdom to spiritual leaders


The Times of Israel published an article about Barkai called "Teaching practical wisdom to spiritual...

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Behind the lines, Israelis help out with the war effort


"A group of rabbis from the Barkai Center ... set up a hotline this week, answering a range of quest...

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Chief Rabbis condemn killing of Abu Khdeir as 'outrageous murder'


The Jerusalem Post includes Barkai in an article it published on July 7, 2014 called "Chief Rabbis c...

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The New York Jewish Week


Barkai placed on ad in The New York Jewish Week in February 2013. View the Ad

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Arutz Sheva interviewed Rabbi David Fine


Arutz Sheva interviewed Rabbi David Fine on September 30, 2012. Rabbi Fine describes how the new Bar...

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