Thanks to Barkai, I became more professional. I improved my abilities and increased my involvement in communal issues. I feel more secure taking part in different areas and function in a more professional, organized and thoughtful way. 
-- Rav Yaakov

I came to Barkai for professional tools that would help me in my rabbinic work and for the enriching interaction with other rabbis. Both have made me a better rabbi.
-- Rav Yoni
At Barkai, I received tools with which I was better able to deal with the difficulties and problems of others - as well as how to convey messages in a clearer, sharper way.
-- Rav Boaz
Recently, a couple came to me and shared that doctors had told them that in all likelihood, the fetus the wife carried would be seriously delayed. They didn't ask a halachic question, rather they sought guidance in faith and coping. Thank God, a few weeks ago the baby was born -a girl- and so far she appears fine.
-- Rav Yonatan
Barkai taught us how processes take place and how to foresee and deal correctly with problems even before they happen.
-- Rav Shlomo
The Barkai program is worthy of praise. It is interesting and opens new horizons - for the rabbi, the entire community, and Israeli and Jewish society as a whole.
-- Rav Roey
Since Barkai’s training, I have greater self-confidence in dealing with issues regarding congregants’ personal life. If I don’t have the answer, I now know where to direct them. With issues such as a troubled marriage, lack of trust in a family, or illness.
-- Rav David